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DIY Ways to restore your roof after a storm

Posted by on Dec 16, 2017

DIY Ways to restore your roof after a storm

Storms can severely damage your roof even if they’re not strong enough. Harsh elements can severely damage and tear off roof shingles whether they’re hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes. The inspection of the interior and exterior parts of your home is extremely important if a storm has hit your area. Usually, people consider calling the roof repair company right after the storm so, they can assess the damaged areas properly.

It is an excellent decision to call the roof repair company but there are some problems that do not require any kind of expertise and you can simply address those problems by yourself.  The roof restorations are very sensitive as compared to other types of restorations because if you didn’t fix the problem properly, it may get you into greater trouble in the future.

Therefore, most of the people do not try to address the problems by themselves. The tips we’re going to share in this article will help you fix the problem properly without taking help from a roof repairing company. All you need to do is reading the following tips properly before you start addressing the problems. Here are the tips that can help you save your money and the future damage as well.

Inspect your gutters and downspouts

The granules in your shingles are severely damaged due to the dangerous storms. You must check your gutters right after the storm because the granules may run down into them. You must also carefully look for missing granules shingles as they can cause you into several problems in the future. The dents in the gutters can also be very dangerous for the future safety, therefore, you must look for the dents and repair them as soon as possible. A hail storm can severely damage your gutters if they’re made of aluminum.

Check for leaks

Most of the times, the roofing leaks are caused due to the storms. You must consider repairing a minor leak before it gets bigger. The displacement of the shingles determines that water can now easily enter your home. The best way to detect the active leaks in your roof is to carry a flashlight with you to the attic to see if there is any leak there. The holes in the roof can also be spotted with the help of the sunlight.

Cleaning the entire roof

You must consider cleaning the entire roof right after the storm so you can easily detect the damages that are caused due to the storm. Cleaning the roof will help you inspect each part of the roof properly and thus you’ll be able to solve the problems before they get bigger. Click here and take a look at some other ways of repairing the roof after a storm.

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